Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog 12 Amp 19-Inch Electric Mulching Mower with Rear Bag Reviews

Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog 12 Amp 19-Inch Electric Mulching Mower with Rear Bag

Type : Lawn Mower
Brand : Black & Decker
Model : MM875
New Price : $435.16 $167.70 (Post-Date)

Overall Rating :
(Average 4.0/5 from 359 Reviews)

Black & Decker MM875 Overview


Black & Decker MM875 Features
  • Corded electric lawn mower with 12 amp motor for plenty of power for mulching or bagging
  • Effortless to start and maintain; produces zero emissions
  • Cushioned grip and handle height adjustment for comfortable operation
  • 19-inch deck size; weighs 52 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty; includes rear bag assembly and rear mulching insert

Black & Decker MM875 Reviews

Biff X ( ohioooo, USA )
Great mower, cord ruins it for me
The mower works fine. It cuts the grass evenly, with little noise, and for about 14 cents/hour (based on local electric rates). I just couldn't get past the cord troubles due to my yard layout and many obstacles. If you have a small plain yard, this mower should be fine. I decided to step up to a battery-powered mower (B&D 1836 to be exact), and after 2 mows am already satisfied with spending an extra $140. The height adjustment works great and the mower looks kinda cool. The mower itself is fine, but I couldn't get past the cord issues.

Shaun ( New York )
Great for anyone who doesn't want to deal with Gas-powered hassles
I had inherited an older black and decker electric lawnmower that started up the first time I plugged it in (after being dormant in my grandfather's shed for 10 years). Every since then I have been a big fan of electric lawnmowers. Once you get past manuvering the extension cord you will find this lawnmower easy to use. The best part is that once the lawnmowing season is over you can just put it away without any sort of oil changing or servicing. Come spring time, you just pull it out again and start it up. I have used this particular model 3 times, and can say it does a great job on my lawn (a total of about 1/4 acre). The height setting is easy to use, and the bag is easy to get on and off. Other reviewers have mentioned it, so you just need to be a little careful around rocks since the bottom is made of plastic. That is the only slight drawback I see to this fine lawnmower.

David Morrison ( Arlington, VA United States )
Great little mower
I have a small lawn, and am happy with the MM875 so far. I bought a 100 ft cord, which is plenty for my smallish yard. I have a steep bank for my front yard, so the lightness of the mower makes for an easy time mowing 1/2 way down the hill (and pulling back), and then pushing up the other half. This would be a pain with a gas mower.

Because of the plastic body, I do baby it a bit....but that's just a reflection of how abusive I was with a gas mower. I never thought I'd own an electric mower, but I'm really happy with the convenience of not having to fill up a gas can/priming the engine/changing the oil/changing the air filter/eyeballing the fullness of the tank...and keeping track of a snaking cord in the yard isn't as inconvenient as I thought it would be.

MadeInDetroit ( Atlanta, GA )
Works as expected
I have a small or maybe average sized yard but I don't have a garage or an easy path from my backyard to my front yard, so I needed a mower light enough that I could carry it up my deck steps. That meant either electric or a push rotary mower. I wanted to be able to bag and have nice even results, so I went with electric. I am quite happy with my choice: the MM875.

It works as adverstised and has plenty of power. I have never subjected it to unusually thick or long grass, but it has easily handled my lawn. The bag does seem to fill to the point where clippings are being dropped out of the lawnmower pretty quickly - more quickly than I recall from my days of using a larger Craftsman gas mower some years ago, but it could be because my yard is larger than the smallish lawn I mowed as a kid. Also, it seems nearly impossible to remove the bag without dumping some clippings on the ground, so I try to empty the bag over an unmowed area when possible.

As suggested, I coated the underside with non-stick cooking spray before I first used the mower and I am able to spray the underside clean with a hose.

It seems to be well built - the wheels are not wobbly and the deck, though plastic, has a substantial feel to it, much more so than the store brand electric mower I inspected at my local big orange home store. The only area that concerns me is the power switch on the handle - it feels a bit flimsy and I am concerned it might break if I'm not careful with it.

And as for my fears of using a corded mower, it's really no big deal at all. Just make sure you start mowing closest to the outlet and move away as you mow. That prevents you from having a lot of excess cord lying about your lawn.

As for operation, the quietness - and not having to wear a bulky headset ear protector in the heat - is a great thing. The cut is good and even, and the one button height adjustment is a great feature. All in all, I highly recommend this mower. Hopefully I will not be back in two years complaining that it burned out!!

M. McCarthy
Well Satisfied
In short, the mower works as advertised. Very simple to assemble and the height adjustment is the best I've seen on a mower. I used it to cut some fairly tall, coarse grass and it worked very well. The motor never seemed to labor and the cut was smooth. The bag was easy to attach and while a little small, held a reasonable amount of clippings. While dealing with the power cord is a bit of a pain, it is nice not to have to worry about the mower being hard to start. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this mower highly.

Black & Decker MM875 Accessories

Black & Decker MM875 Related Products

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Technical Detail
  • 450 Series Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • 20-inch deck
  • Side discharge
  • Fully assembled
  • 7-inch front and rear wheels

Customer's Reviews (All-Reviews)

Old Vet ( Pennsylvania, USA )
--A Failure--
I purchased this machine to mow grass and mulch leaves as they lay on the lawn. While it cut the grass adequately, the dust from the dry leaves clogged the carburator after only three uses. The dealer's mechanic stated Poulan carburators often clogged. The manufacturer's rep characterized the mulching use as "abuse" and said it was not covered by warranty. I should note I used a Snapper mower under the same circumstances for over twenty-five years.


All Power America APT1216 GoMow 16-Inch 24 Volt Cordless Reel Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher Review

All Power America APT1216 GoMow 16-Inch 24 Volt Cordless Reel Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher
All Power America APT1216 GoMow 16-Inch 24 Volt Cordless Reel Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher
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Technical Detail
  • Quick and easy connect 24 volt rechargeable lead-acid battery with handle and power gauge
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • 5 cutting blades with 1-inch to 2-inch height adjustments and 10-Inch solid rubber tires
  • 50 minute run time on a full charge
  • Includes grass catcher
Product Description


Customer's Reviews (All-Reviews)

Subeedude ( Columbia, MO )
First for a frame of reference, I like and prefer the manicured appearance that only a reel mower can provide, and I have the Brill Lexus battery powered, made in Germany, which I have been using for several years. The Brill is good to excellent in its construction, but it lacks the power to cut through very thick grass when its mechanical bypass device kicks in and the reel stops turning as the mower makes a raucously loud and annoying ratcheting sound. The Brill works well, but my experience is that it lags and can't keep up in the spring when the grass has a greater moisture content. In contrast, the All Power reel mower is made in China, and it's design and materials reflect its cheaper price. Where it excels, is that it is much more powerful than the the Brill. However, like most electric mowers, it will be overwhelmed with grass that is growing rapidly and is full of moisture after several days of Spring showers. As mentioned by other reviewers, the plastic parts are minimally constructed and won't stand up to hard use. You will curse the plastic height adjustment. It's shoddily designed and constructed, but it can be made to work if you are able and willing to fiddle with it and if you don't try to make frequent height adjustments. (Once when I was using it in heavy, thick, damp grass, the adjusting device (rollers) fell completely off and had to be reinstalled.) At that point I got special approval from Amazon to return the mower, but in the end I decided to keep it because it fits a need in the set of tools I use on my lawn, which also includes the largest Neutron rotary mower and the cordless Black and Decker. In other words, except for the smallest of lawns or in a dry climate, this mower is insufficient, but it does make the lawn look manicured and most of the the time has the power to do that. Mowing time is much better than the Brill, probably twice and I have an extra battery for the Brill. Lastly, for some reason the AP mower showers your legs with clippings much worse than the Brill, but I think that is because it is much more powerful and spins faster.

Nathan ( Oviedo, Florida United States )
I bought this mower for a Zoysia lawn and I don't use it for any other lawn. I like it as a finish cut, I do make a rough cut on my McLane push reel mower first, and the higher rpms of this electric mower does produce a much cleaner and crisper cut. Zoysia really needs a reel mower to make it look the best. This one is a good idea, it just needs to be make stronger and more durable.

OK, the bagger works fine. It's real easy to push, the battery doesn't make it push any harder at all.

The lawn mower started to fall apart on me after the first month. The overload switch fell out of the plastic housing, I had to cut it out and by-pass it. I had to re-wire with a toggle switch after the trigger switch fell apart. The height-adjustment rollers need to have stronger metal nuts instead of embedding them in plastic wing nuts.

The electric motor is still running fine. The only drawback is that you can't order spare batteries, you pretty much have to keep it charged as much as possible, or buy a new mower w/battery have as a spare (not something I would want to do).

If you're mechanically-inclined, this lawn mower will work for you but don't be surprised if some things start to fall off on you. It's not made to be very sturdy. You might have to make quick-fixes as mentioned above to keep it running. I'm still using mine and I'll keep using it until the electric motor burns out, and then maybe I can replace the brushes.

I'll look for another one with a little more quality. I think electric reel mowers have a definite future so don't rule this one out, just be advised on what you are buying and be prepared for the little hassles as described above. Price-wise, it's a good introduction to what electric reel mowers are capable of doing so you might want to at least try this one if you can't afford more than $200 for what it's going for right now.

luedart ( durham,nc )
Electric, yes. Cordless, yes. A reel mower, yes. Great color, easy assembly, doesn't take up much storage space, and with no cord one can go all over the yard. Plus it is so much easier than the old fashioned reel mower.

Joseph G. Landgraf ( St. Louis, MO USA )
Pros: Low cost, removable battery, some tech frills like LED power meter and overload protection
Cons: Grass etc flies back at operator w/o catcher in place, problems cutting weeds or seed shoots, height adjustment is more complicated than average

kat for a green world ( Cairo, GA )
I thought I was being very green. This mower will ONLY mow grass. I have some weeds on the side of the house and after trying to mow then for 1/2 hr I gave up. It is VERY loud, do not use it on a sunday morning. BUT, it is electric and very easy to put together and use. The grass area that I do have looks marvelous.


Poulan Pro PR625N21RHX 21-inch 625 Series Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Side Discharge/Bag/Mulch Lawn Mower Review

Poulan Pro PR625N21RHX 21-inch 625 Series Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Side Discharge/Bag/Mulch Lawn Mower (CA Compliant)
Poulan Pro PR625N21RHX 21-inch 625 Series Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Side Discharge/Bag/Mulch Lawn Mower (CA Compliant)
Brand : Poulan
Model : PR625N21RHX
(5.0/5 of 2 Reviews)

Technical Detail
  • 625 Series Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Push walk behind mower
  • 21-inch cutting deck with 5 position height adjusters
  • Mulch, bag & side discharge
  • 7-inch front & 7-inch rear wheels
Product Description

Poulan Pro, 3-N-1, High Wheel, Push Lawn Mower, 190CC Briggs & Stratton 625 Series Engine, 6.25 FT-LBS Gross Torque Rating, 21" Stamped Steel Deck, Rear Bag/Side Discharge/Mulch Capable, Mulch Kit Included, 8" Front & 12" Rear Ball Bearing Wheels, 5-Position Fingertip Height Adjusters, Fully Assembled With Folding Handles, Engine Oil Included In Carton, 2 Year Limited Warranty, California C.A.R.B. Compliant.  [...]

Customer's Reviews (All-Reviews)


Bronze Goddess ( Richmond, VA )
I was a bit hesitant to order such a large item online but with free 2-day Prime shipping, I figured I'd give it a shot. This thing weighs well over 50 pounds so it would have cost a fortune if I had to pay for shipping. I decided to upgrade to next-day for $3.99 and sure enough, it was there waiting for me the next day. This was SUPER easy to put together...a kid could probably do it. Product came with a bottle of oil but when you open up the reservoir, there's already oil in there. It was basically ready to use in 5 minutes and it works great. I thought that it would be difficult since it's not self-propelled but I've had no difficulties pushing it around at all. So far so good. I recommend this product. Side note: I bought the California Emissions version thinking that at least it's better for the environment than a regular one since I was originally going to get an electric one. Whether it makes much of a difference I can't say, but it's not super stinky at all.



Toro Recycler (22") 190cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower w/ Blade Override - 20333 Review

Toro Recycler (22") 190cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower w/ Blade Override - 20333
Brand : Toro

(5.0/5 of 3 Reviews)

Technical Detail
Product Description

Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart Engine No need to choke or prime the engine – just sta...  [...]

Customer's Reviews (All-Reviews)

Bob Waskiewicz ( Wintersville, Ohio United States )
My Lawn is ALL HILL.This Toro Recycler is fantastic.I can cut with one hand,and just go side to side.There's no primming,just pull,and the mower starts everytime.
The best money I've ever spent.

Keith H. ( Conyers, GA United States )
Started first pull right out of the box. There is no primer bulb and no starting ritual to learn. I do recommend running it completely out of gas when it is time to change the oil. Toro wants you to lay the mower on it's side to drain the oil out. This also floods the engine with gasoline making it hard to restart.

Drive system is user friendly and completely intuitive. The faster you walk the faster it goes, the slower you walk the slower it goes. You stop and it stops. It does need to coast a couple of inches forward to disengage the drive system or it is hard to pull backwards. Try to pull it backwards more than two feet and the rear guard gets pulled under the machine and then you have to drag it along. It you have a yard that requires a lot of backing it can get tiring. This is my only complaint of the mower. I am 6 feet tall and the handle height is perfect for me. The hand grips are very comfortable and almost vibration free. Relaxing to operate...even fun at times. I said I'd never own a self-propelled lawn mower but at 51 years of age it's time. That and my yard is almost a full acre.

I also own this engine on a different mower and this version is not as loud.

I do not bag or mulch since my grass is usually too tall for that. In the free discharge mode it is unstoppable. My grass was 7" high when I got the mower and I cut it with the deck set at the second lowest height setting possible and I could not induce it to stall. Not even running at full speed. Very impressive. (It was late afternoon and the grass had mostly dried out.) In routine mowing with just slightly overgrown grass it leaves a very nice cut. No need to mulch or bag. Even in the deep grass that day it did not leave a mess behind. I have used the mulch mode once and it made the yard look beautiful. But it is not practical to mulch if I am going to be taking off more than 1 1/2 inches of grass in a single pass. Then I really have to slow down to make it look nice.

If it lasts I will be very pleased. The only concern I have about potential longevity is that the drive system whines at times like those big riding rechargable kids toys. Not a judgment, just an observation.

AUGUST 19th UPDATE: In the review I stated that the mower effortlessly took off five inches of grass in a single pass with no issues. If the grass (fescue) is damp or rich with moisture from recent rains, trying to take off that much at once will clog the discharge chute. Trying to remove three inches at once will clog the chute if it is damp and thick. We sold off our last commercial mower in the spring and this is the first residential mower I have been willing to tolerate. And while it can't compete with the high speed blades on commercial mowers it runs circles around the stuff that Sears, Lowes and Walmart sells.

Jeff Kraus ( Orlando, FL USA )
This is my first self-propelled mower. I'm coming from a basic, no-frills machine that I bought some years ago when I just wanted something cheap that would do the job.

I bought this mower at the local Depot, cheaper than the advertised price here even after tax was added. I brought it home and unpacked it. Setup was done in just a couple of minutes -- unlike my previous mower, this one is almost entirely assembled in the box. All you need to do is put the handle on and attach the blade clutch lever to it. No tools required.

Next, add the fluids. The mower comes with the right amount of 30-weight oil. Then fill up the gas tank, and you're off.

The mower has an engine kill switch like you'd find on a motorcycle. Switch to "I" (Ignition). Pull the starter cord. Mine fired up on the first pull! The engine runs smoothly (and much quieter than my old mower). You don't need to have the safety bar pulled in at this point -- the engine will run, but the blades will not spin.

Pull the safety bar in and the blades start spinning. Release it and they stop, but the engine keeps running. Kill the engine by flipping the ignition switch to OFF.

That's cool. With my old mower, every time I let go of the safety bar it killed the engine and I would have to pull the starter cord again to get it going.

The propulsion is really nice. The upper section of the grip is spring-loaded and slides up and down the vertical handlebar rods slightly. The more pressure you apply to the handlebar, the faster the mower will want to move. Release the bar, and the mower stops moving. There is another, secondary handlebar underneath that can be used to circumvent the propulsion entirely, if desired.

There is also a large lever that allows you to change between mulching and bagging. This can be done at any time. With the bag attached, pulling the lever to the rear will start bagging, while pushing the lever forward will close off the opening to the bag and start mulching instead. The mower also comes with the side discharge attachment, which installs easily and is very effective.

When you're done mowing, there is a port on the side that accepts a standard garden hose. Attach a hose to the mower and turn it on. Then start the mower and start the blades spinning. It does a really good job of cleaning out the mower for you. When the water coming out starts to run clear, just shut off the hose and let the blades keep spinning for another few seconds until the mower is dry. You will still need to clean out some of it, though, like the bag port, which the hose doesn't reach.

The Briggs & Stratton engine seems strong, easily handling whatever horrible things I threw at it (with a caveat, explained below). Propulsion was also strong, and even going up a steep incline behind my house required only about 5% of the effort required with my previous mower. The overall build quality is excellent, and it's a real looker to boot.

There are a couple of minor quibbles, but nothing significant enough to merit the loss of a star. I'm not a huge fan of the white wheels, which were already turning green after the first mow. And the wheels themselves don't turn as freely as those on my old mower. Presumably this is because of the propulsion mechanism, so I guess that could be the case with any self-propelled mower. And finally, when in mulching mode, the mower seems to stall more frequently than my old mower when it hits the hard stuff. I live in Florida, and it rains a lot in the summer. Sun + lots of water = grass that's sometimes a foot high in a week. So if the grass gets too long in between mows, this mower will sometimes stall because there's way too much material to mash around. However, switching to side discharge or bagging solves the problem immediately, and the mower will cut ANYTHING.

Lawn Mower Blade and Garden Tool Sharpener Review

Lawn Mower Blade and Garden Tool Sharpener
Lawn Mower Blade and Garden Tool Sharpener
Brand : Creative Sales
(3.5/5 of 2 Reviews)

Technical Detail
  • Great for keeping lawn mower blades sharp
  • Will sharpen most other yard tools that need one-
  • Green color
Product Description

* Great for keeping lawn mower blades sharp * Will sharpen most other yard tools that need one-sided sharpening * Green color  [...]

Customer's Reviews (All-Reviews)

Blondie59 ( EGV IL USA )
I stink at sharpening my lawn mower blades using either a grinder or the Dremel lawn mower blade accessory (don't waste your money on that one). My grandfather used to get the blades so sharp, they'd cut paper, but i just can't do it right. So I saw this item at Home Depot, thought I'd give it a try. I works pretty good. I was very pleased. The company makes a larger version, which I am going to buy too. I recommend this product. I mowed the lawn after using it today and definately noticed that the blade had been sharpened. Nice clean cuts.

F. Stough ( Pennsylvania )
For sharpining a push mower, I reverted back to a file.



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